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6am -10am; 5pm - 8pm

6am -10am; 5pm - 8pm

6am -10am; 5pm - 8pm

6am -10am; 5pm - 8pm

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Current Deals

InBody Scan

BodyGO a partner with The best me I can be to provide InBody Composition Body Scan to stay accountable and have an adequate idea about you current physique level

We are having InBody scan machine in our gym on 7th of December (Saturday) 7am to 11am:

the scan takes 2 min with instant report and coast $40

Don't forget to register!

Simply express your interest through contact form on our website.

12 WEEK Transformation Package!
1st of February to 25th of April

A very very special offer to make sure you get on track according your New Year resolutions!

Imagine having all the expertise of a Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist and Composition Body Scan like a professional athlete to ensure your success?

We got it covered for you! Our simple formula :

E + N + A = R

E stands for "Exercise"

N stands for "Nutrition"

A stands for "Accountability"

R stands for the "Results"

Support provided by three professionals!


One-on-one initial assessment and goal setting with one of our Top Trainers and 24 (twice per week) Semi Personal sessions designed specially for you and your goals and physique. This includes:


• Movement and posture assessment.

• Personalised programs.

• 12 weeks of scheduled training sessions with our expert*

who will be assisting and correcting you during your work out.

• Reminders for each session to help you to get to each session, as that is important.


One-on-one initial consultation with our Qualified Nutritionist. This includes:


• Assesment of current health status, nutrition & lifestyle.

• Establishing goals.

• 24/7 support to help guide you through obstacles you may encounter.

• Providing eating guidelines to achieve your goals, including tips on how to enhance your lifestyle.

• Follow ups to review progress against agreed plan.


Before and after Body Composition Scans with full report of your progress. This includes:


• Body fat

• Skeletal muscle mass

• Bone mineral density

• Visceral fat

• Segmental Muscle & Fat Analysis and much more.


Your results are absolutely crucial to us. Why shouldn't you demand the results?


We are great at what we do, so we offer to give you a full refund* if you did not achieve adequate results after taking part in our 12 week transformation package! We give you 100% effort and we expect the same from you. Lots of laughs on the way guaranteed. We also organize an event to celebrate your achievements after the end of the 12 week program with everybody.



* Clients are required to follow both exercise & nutritional plans in order to be eligible for the refund. 

We have only 15 spots for this offer!

You can pay upfront or weekly.

Our Intro Package @ BodyGO
3 x 1 hour Semi Private PT Sessions
for only $80 still available for all new clients*

With BodyGO you get a session with a trainer every visit.  You get to do programs that suit you.  You get to ask questions.

BodyGO was designed to fill the gap between 1-1 PT sessions and the big gyms.

Our great client base shows we have a method that suits those seeking something different. If you are looking for a better way, contact us and we will get you booked in!


* For new clients only!

3 sessions must be used within 2 weeks

Already with us? Refer your friends! 

BodyGO is an amazing little gym where you can enjoy the opportunity to look after your body and have fun with your friends and family!

If you know somebody that might be interested, or you enjoy training with, bring them in! 

We will look after you both and research shows that you are both more likely to succeed! Everybody wins!